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Creating a website for hotels: our tips

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Today, having an online website has become imperative for all tourism professionals and especially for hotels. The first reflex of customers, whether French or international, is now to search the internet to find their accommodation. To create your website, you can request the services of a web agency or decide to make your own website using a website creation software. Whichever way you use it, the rules for creating a high-performance hotel website are the same. First of all, it should be pleasant to look at and easy to use. The design must be neat, clear and detailed. It must therefore strike the right balance between visual perception, efficient traffic generation and conversion techniques. Internet users who visit your website have different intentions and motivations but what they all want, more than anything, is: find the best hotel to stay in, offering the best services with advantageous terms and rates.

Website goals for your hotel

The objectives of your website are threefold:
  1. Attracting targeted traffic by creating an attractive and user-friendly website
  2. Encourage visitors to explore your website in its entirety by showing your hotel its best look
  3. Convert your visitors into customers
What are the essential criteria for a website combining quality and performance?


The visual aspect is essential. It is often crucial to keep a visitor on the site.


For a hotel, it is advisable to choose sober and solid colors. The design of a website for a small hostel or hotel will not be the same as for the website of a large hotel. If your clientele is international, also think about the perception of colors, different depending on the nationality. To ensure the best success of your website, opt for sober tones and insert empty spaces to create an airy combination of texts and images.

The images

Insert beautiful high-resolution photos: hotel rooms, conference rooms, entrance hall... Suggest different angles so that visitors have a better idea of what they will find when they arrive at the hotel.


Your website can have the best design, the most beautiful photos and harmonious colors... If your visitor can't find the information they're looking for quickly and easily, they won't linger on your hotel's website. Easy and intuitive navigation is therefore essential.


Browsing your hotel's website should no longer be static but dynamic. Your visitor must be able to find the answer to all the questions he asks: location, ease of access, immediate environment, size of rooms, services offered... The range of questions that your future clients can ask themselves is very wide depending on whether they are businessmen, families, students, a group of friends... You can even add virtual presentations of your best rooms! Your website must be clear, functional and attractive so that the user who does not leave your site without making a reservation.

Booking online

After providing all the necessary information, the online booking system is the last essential step. It is the most suitable solution, both for the guest who is looking for a room on the internet and for the professional who wants to fill his hotel.

Contact forms

They are essential on the website of a hotel. They should not be a constraint for your visitors but rather perceived as the prospect of enjoying certain benefits. Limit the questions to the essentials or you will see your visitor leave the site before you have validated his reservation. An ergonomic, simple and user-friendly form gets a better conversion rate. Get a Security Certificate (HTTPS) for your website to make it safer and inspire confidence in your visitors.

Mobile accounting

Today, more than half of Internet users log in from their mobile phones. In order not to lose customers for lack of legibility of your website, it must adapt to the different media and also offer a mobile version.

Social networks

They are now unavoidable and constitute an extremely powerful tool (Facebook, Twitter Youtube, Google...). They allow you to interact with customers. A strong presence on social networks also improves its natural referencing.

A good SEO

Being on the first page of Google is essential if you want to attract targeted traffic to your site. Being in first place is even better. Indeed, it is the search engines that bring you the majority of traffic. The optimization of your website requires a few actions to be taken:
  • Find the right keywords that people want in search engines
  • Insert one or two keywords on each page of your website to optimize them
  • Provide quality information for research and customer needs
  • Insert links from other sites already well listed by Google. This is a guarantee of an improvement in your own ranking in search engines.
Your website is an online representation of your hotel. He brings you most of your customers. Its presentation must therefore be as careful as possible in order to convert as many visitors as possible into effective bookings. You want to be advised in the creation of your website. Check out our digital offer by clicking here, or contact us directly via the form below.

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